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How To Contact Incredimail Customer Service Number

Incredimail technical support phone number

If you are having trouble with IncrediMail. While this aging Windows email program offers lots of fun graphics and reportedly is compatible with the latest versions of Windows, issues do occur, particularly in the way it interacts with other programs and email servers. Maybe it won’t open a particular message or refuses to talk to your email account or prints in 56-point letters or crashes when you try to delete an email. Fortunately, IncrediMail offers several technical support options for both regular and Plus members.

Free Support Channels

If you use the free version of IncrediMail, you can get help with technical and other issues through the IncrediMail forums:

  1. For technical problems, visit the Technical Issues (crashes, error messages, etc.) IncrediMail Forum.
  2. For help with non-technical issues such as installation and configuration then pick the appropriate IncrediMail forum from the list.
  3. Click New Topic.
  4. If you are not logged in, do so. If this is your first time visiting the forums, click Register to create a username for posting on the forum.
  5. Fill up the form with as much detail as possible (excluding your email username and password, of course).
  6. Under Your IncrediMail Version, include the full version and build ID of your IncrediMail copy.
  7. Make sure the Subject is a concise summary of your issue; e.g., “Error 402 checking mail” or “IncrediMail crashes trying to create a backup.”
  8. Click Submit.

Posts from members of the IncrediMail support team or experienced forum members will be marked with Site Admin or Moderator. The posting name is typically IncrediAdmin or IncrediModerator.

IncrediMail Premium Support

To contact IncrediMail direct support if you are using IncrediMail Plus:

  1. Open IncrediMail.
  2. Select Help > VIP Support from the menu.
  3. If you cannot see the menu bar, click Menu in IncrediMail’s title bar.

For Instant Support Call @ 1-800-862-9240 Toll-Free

Incredimail support phone number

Incredimail E-mail Account that does not send/receive

To correct a send/receive issue with your IncrediMail, you should first try and reconfigure your Email Account. Please use the following instructions to do so, and then try to send and receive.

If you see a Error Message when sending or receiving, please also click here for more specific instructions.

If you don’t remember your Email account password please call @ +1-855-785-2511.

To reconfigure your Email Account in IncrediMail, please do the following:

  1. In the IncrediMail main window, click the ‘Tools’ menu (marked in red) and select ‘Email Accounts…’(marked in blue).Incredimail support phone number
  2. In the ‘Mail Accounts’ dialog that opens, click ‘Add’ (marked in red) to add a new email account.Incredimail support phone number
  3. At this point, the ‘Account Wizard’ dialog opens. You can configure your email account settings either automatically or manually.

If none of these works, please try configuring your Email Account in another Email Client to test your settings. For instructions on doing so, please click here.

NOTE: Follow these instructions are for general Email Accounts. To configure your AOL, Gmail, Windows Live/Hotmail, or Yahoo! account, click one of the links below:

  • AOL
  • Gmail
  • Windows Live/Hotmail
  • Yahoo!


Need Support @ 1-800-862-9240 Toll-Free 24*7 Customer Support

Incredimail Tech Support Number

How do I test my Email Account settings in another Email Client?

If you are having trouble sending and receiving in IncrediMail, you can attempt configuring your Email Account in another Email Client, and then import your settings from there!

NOTE: Please look for your Email Client from the list below and follow the directions. If you’re not sure what Email Client you have, you can check according to your Windows version:

  • Windows Xp – Outlook Express
  • Windows Vista – Windows Mail
  • Windows 7 – Windows Live Mail


Configure Outlook Express

To configure your Email Account in Outlook Express, please do the following:

  1. Open Outlook Express, click the ‘Tools‘ menu (marked below in red) and select ‘Accounts…‘ (marked in blue).                                         Incredimail Tech Support Number
  2. In the ‘Internet Accounts‘ dialog, click ‘Add‘ (marked in red) and select ‘Mail…‘ (marked in blue).Incredimail Tech Support Number
  3. Complete your account configuration and click ‘Finish‘.
  4. Try to send and receive your email using Outlook Express.

If you can send and receive in Outlook Express, you can easily import your Email Account settings into IncrediMail by clicking here.

Configure Windows Mail

To configure your Email Account in Windows Mail:

  1. Click the ‘Tools’ menu (marked in red) and select ‘Accounts…’ (marked in blue).Incredimail Tech Support Number
  2. Click ‘Add’ (marked in red).Incredimail Tech Support Number
  3. Now select ‘E-mail Account…’ (marked in red), and click ‘Next’ (marked in blue).Incredimail Tech Support Number
  4. Complete your account configuration and click ‘Finish’.
  5. Try to Send and Receive your email.

If you can send and receive in Windows Mail, you can easily import your Email Account settings into IncrediMail by clicking here.

Configure Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is a free Email Client.

To configure your account, start Windows Live Mail – a Wizard may run the first time it’s opened – if so, skip to Step

3. If the Wizard does not open, please do the following:

  1. Click the ‘Accounts’ tab (marked below in red) and then the ‘@’ (Email) icon (marked in blue). If you do not see this, make sure you are viewing the ‘Mail’ window by clicking ‘Mail’ in the bottom left corner of the screen.Incredimail Tech Support Number
  2. In the ‘Add an E-mail account dialog’, enter your Email Address and Password in the appropriate fields (marked below in red). If you want Windows Live Mail to remember your password, mark the checkbox next to ‘Remember password’.Incredimail Tech Support Number
  3. Enter your Full Name in the ‘Display Name’ field (marked above in blue).
  4. Mark ‘Manually configure server settings for e-mail account.’ (marked above in green), and then click ‘Next’ (marked above in purple).
  5. On the next page of the Wizard, under ‘Incoming Server Information’, select POP3 from the drop-down menu, and finish entering your Incoming (POP) Server Details. Under ‘Outgoing Server Information’, enter the SMTP server name and details.
  6. Click ‘Next’ and then ‘Finish’.
  7. Click ‘Sync’ to receive your Messages.

If you can send and receive in Windows Live Mail, you can easily import your Email Account settings into IncrediMail by clicking here.

Need Support @ 1-800-862-9240 Toll Free Customer Support