Incredimail not working on windows 10

Remove Incredimail not working on window 10

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Incredimail not working on windows 10

Symptoms of incredimail Error

  • Crash when sending
  • Crash when receiving messages or Notifications
  • Random Crash
  • Crash during Data and Settings Transfer
  • Crash playing Videos or Attachments

Issue of IncrediMail

  • Compatibility issue
  • Computer memory issue
  • Corrupted files and programs
  • Emails receiving or sending issue
  • Configuration issue
  • Troubleshooting issue
  • Update issue
  • Delete runtime folder
  • Confronting issue
  • Corrupted drivers

Incredimail not working on windows 10

Solution of Incredimail

  • Install the latest version
  • Use safe mode
  • Restart your computer
  • Reset your internet explorer
  • Use SSD data recovery
  • Download updated version

Follow these steps to remove the IncrediMail error

  • Go into the task bar
  • Please, click right to exit the incredimail application and select exit
  • Go to window explorer browser( c:/program files/incredimail /bin)
  • Rename your file pmc.dll to pmc.dll.old
  • Now Relaunch the incredimail

Please follow these steps to fix the IncrediMail not working

  • Please click on the windows start menu
  • Go in search box and type “msconfig”
  • And then press enter
  • Go in the system configuration
  • And then go to boot
  • Now select the option safe boot and network, under boot option
  • Don’t select (make all boot settings permanent)
  • Now click on ok
  • And finally restart your system again to get rid of the error
  • Now open IncrediMail to continue your work

Restore computer in to normal state

  • Restart your computer
  • Go to general tab open the System Configuration again
  • Select normal start up
  • And click ok
  • Then restart your computer
    Incredimail not working on windows 10

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