Incredimail Backup Not Opening

IncrediMail Backup is very useful to back up all your emails. Also, you can compress and protect your archive with a password. IncrediMail Backup Not Opening error may be cause because of any new update in IncrediMail. It would be sort out either identify the message otherwise delete it manually.

Advantages of IncrediMail Backup

1.You can reuse your back up with IncrediMail.

2.It can back up your important mails for the future use.

Incredimail Backup Not Opening

Solution for IncrediMail Backup Not Opening Error

In this situation, when running IncrediBackup, please save it to “C:\temp”. As errors  are known to occur when trying to save the backup to an external drive or a location with a long path name.

If the error continues, to manually backup the IncrediMail data, please do the following:

1. Exit the IncrediMail application by right-clicking on the icon in your Windows task bar and selecting “Exit”.

2. In Windows Explorer, browse to the following location:

Note: YOURUSER refers to your actual Windows user. As the “AppData” folder may sometimes be hidden, for instructions on how to show hidden files and folders in Windows, please refer to the Microsoft article at:

3. Copy the “Identities” folder to your chosen backup location.

To later import the IncrediMail backup, please do the following:

1. Firstly, copy the “Identities” folder from the backup location to your Desktop.

2. Open IncrediMail in new window.

3. Click on File > Import and Export > Import Messages.

4. In pop-up window, select “IncrediMail” and click on Next. 

5. Now, click “Select Folder” and browse to the “Identities” folder located on your Desktop. Click on Next. 

6. Select the option “All Folders”. Click on Next.

7.  When complete, click on Finish.

8. Now open the main IncrediMail window, click on File > Import and Export > Import Contacts.

9. See the pop-up window, select “IncrediMail Address Book” and click on Next.

10. Click “Select Folder” and browse to the “Identities” folder located on your Desktop. Click on Next.

11. When complete, click on Finish.

Please let us know at +1-800-862-9240 if you encounter any difficulties.

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