How do I Import Incredimail message and contacts to a new computer?

Most of the times users search the solution to Import Incredimail Message. Here the solution , please contact +1-800-862-9240 toll free-

First copy your private IncrediMail file to the desktop of the computer you want to import using the information you want to transfer , to the Desktop of the computer you would like to import to by doing the following:

1-  Exit the IncrediMail application by right-clicking on the icon in your Windows taskbar and selecting “Exit“.

2. In File/Windows Explorer, browse to the following location:

Note: YOURUSER refers to your actual Windows user. As the “AppData” folder may sometimes be hidden, for instructions on how to show hidden files and folders in Windows.

3. Copy the “Identities” folder to your chosen backup location.

To later Import Incredimail message backup, please do the following:

1. Copy the “Identities” folder from the backup location to your Desktop.

2. Open IncrediMail,

  • click on File
  • Import and Export 
  • Import Messages.

3. In the pop-up window, select “IncrediMail” and click on Next.

4. Click “Select Folder” and browse to the “Identities” folder located on your Desktop. Click on Next.

5. Select the option “All Folders“. Click on Next.

6. When complete, click on Finish.

7. In the main IncrediMail window,

  • click on File 
  • Import and Export 
  •  Import Contacts.

8. In the pop-up window, select “IncrediMail Address Book” and click on Next.

9. Click “Select Folder” and browse to the “Identities” folder located on your Desktop. Click on Next.

10. When complete, click on Finish

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18 thoughts on “How do I Import Incredimail message and contacts to a new computer?

  1. Suddenly my emails will not send. I have Windows 10, and Incredimail 2.5. Have tried creating a new user, and I thought it was working to send email, but even though it sends, all messages I have sent come back with an email saying the message was undeliverable. I tried everything that is recommended on this topic it seems, but still no go. I have had this program for years, nothing changed, same firewall all the time, and it has been doing fine. Thanks in advance.

  2. As the thread title says, IncrediMail crashed when attempting to access the IncrediMail browser In addition to thread title, additional message is:: “A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.” Re-booting has no affect nor did downloading any IncrediMail updates.

  3. I can’t get my messages to load. I just keep seeing the “loading” circle going around and around. Can someone PLEASE help! I’ve run multiple executables and none of them have helped! Also, my “newest” e-mails are from 3/15/2019! I’ve been having this problem since May 29. 🙁

  4. Hi there,

    I’ve tried several times to import into my new installation of Incredimail 2.5 but no luck.

    This is the error I get on completion of the attempted import via the import wizard:

    Exception: MICROSOFT_CRT (E06D7363)
    Faulting Offset: 000EB782
    Module: KERNELBASE.dll

    000EB782 KERNELBASE.dll
    00028E89 MSVCR80.dll
    00089BE3 MFC80U.DLL
    00023B21 MFC80U.DLL
    00025C12 MFC80U.DLL
    00025930 MFC80U.DLL
    00073C42 ImUtilsU.dll
    000E7D42 KERNELBASE.dll
    00071FDC ntdll.dll
    000F4AC2 KERNELBASE.dll
    000F4AE7 KERNELBASE.dll
    0001ECA7 MSVCR80.dll
    00034192 MSVCR80.dll
    000733BD ImUtilsU.dll
    00034192 MSVCR80.dll
    000D9522 ImUtilsU.dll
    000D8762 ImUtilsU.dll

    I’ve also tried to import the files manually after exporting them to the desktop. The folders come in but are empty. HELP…
    But the contacts were added manually though.

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