How to Resolve Incredimail Email Problems?

IncrediMail Email Problems

IncrediMail is a unique multimedia feature to get a wonderful experience. Work smoothly please install the latest version of incredimail. There are many cause of the error such as corrupted computer memory, corrupted files, incompatibility issue, troubleshooting issue, network or malware, virus issue and many more.

Irritating issue is a quite disturbing situation for the people so it is necessary to know the correct information and the solution of the error for your present and future help.

Features of IncrediMail

  • 3D effect, animation, e- cards, emoji’s, sounds and animation settings
  • Handwritten, signature, visual effects on one platform
  • Amazing pop and imap settings

Solution of IncrediMail Email error

  • Uninstall and reinstall incredimail
  • Update and upgrade
  • Check the configuration of email
  • Reconfigure your email settings
  • keep the same settings of the email account provider
  • Check your account settings with the user name and password

Resolve Incredimail Email Problems

Method 1

  • Click double on the IncrediMail to open IncrediMail
  • Choose the tool
  • Open your mail account
  • Choose email account
  • And click on remove
  • Now click on add
  • Import your email account by another email client
  • Fill the account details

Method 2

  • Check the status of the firewall of your computer
  • Now go to the list “allowed application” of firewall
  • Add executable files

If the Firewall is not available in the list

  • Open the settings of the firewall
  • Check the programs
  • Give the permission of the IncrediMail files like IncMail.exe, IMApp.exe, ImpCnt.exe, and ImNotify.exe

Method 3

  • Go to IncrediMail main window
  • Click on tools

IncrediMail main window

  • Select emails accounts
  • Now choose your account
  • Click on remove
  • Click on add to configure the account

configure the Incredimail account

  • Go to account wizard window and choose “let me configure settings myself”
  • Click on the next
  • Now choose your email service provider and click on other

IncrediMail Customer Support

  • Get instant IncrediMail help from the certified experts
  • You can dial a toll-free number to get a perfect solution related to all problems
  • Professionals will answer all the question to solve the issue for 365 days and 24X7 days