Incredimail Customer service Phone Number

How To Contact Incredimail Customer Service Number

Incredimail technical support phone number

If you are having trouble with IncrediMail. While this aging Windows email program offers lots of fun graphics and reportedly is compatible with the latest versions of Windows, issues do occur, particularly in the way it interacts with other programs and email servers. Maybe it won’t open a particular message or refuses to talk to your email account or prints in 56-point letters or crashes when you try to delete an email. Fortunately, IncrediMail offers several technical support options for both regular and Plus members.

Free Support Channels | incredimail customer service phone number

If you use the free version of IncrediMail, you can get help with technical and other issues through the IncrediMail forums:

  1. For technical problems, visit the Technical Issues (crashes, error messages, etc.) IncrediMail Forum.
  2. For help with non-technical issues such as installation and configuration then pick the appropriate IncrediMail forum from the list.
  3. Click New Topic.
  4. If you are not logged in, do so. If this is your first time visiting the forums, click Register to create a username for posting on the forum.
  5. Fill up the form with as much detail as possible (excluding your email username and password, of course).
  6. Under Your IncrediMail Version, include the full version and build ID of your IncrediMail copy.
  7. Make sure the Subject is a concise summary of your issue; e.g., “Error 402 checking mail” or “IncrediMail crashes trying to create a backup.”
  8. Click Submit.

Posts from members of the IncrediMail support team or experienced forum members will be marked with Site Admin or Moderator. The posting name is typically IncrediAdmin or IncrediModerator.

IncrediMail Premium Support

To contact IncrediMail direct support if you are using IncrediMail Plus:

  1. Open IncrediMail.
  2. Select Help > VIP Support from the menu.
  3. If you cannot see the menu bar, click Menu in IncrediMail’s title bar.

Incredimail Customer Service Phone Number Call @ 1-800-862-9240 Toll-Free

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87 thoughts on “How To Contact Incredimail Customer Service Number

  1. New IncrediMail 2.0 version – Build 6264870

  2. Minor Bug fixes
  3. Zoom feature bug (in New Messages) has been fixed
  4. Preview Pane option restored to Menu
  5. Contacts button moved to the left of the Notifier icon
  6. I have purchased Incredimail Backup, put the registration code in and it says it has been activated, takes me to the download page where I download and install it. But then, when I click on Incredimail Backup it takes me back to the page where I can order it, and Incredimail Backup does not open.
    Does anyone have any suggestions, please?
    Many thanks.

  7. Completely out of no where my zoom feature is no longer working. I can select 125% 150% etc. and the size doesn’t change. I have tried holing control and zooming in and out and nothing. I have also tried holding control and + or – and nothing happens.
    I have also tried installing Incredimail again and it did not help. Please advise/help.
    Thank you.

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  9. Hello There,

    I have been having problems with incredimail for a while now so I tired upgrading from the website. The upgrade failed with the message “The program can’t start because IMHttpComm.dll is missing from your computer. Try re-installing to fix this problem”.

    I used the “Files and Settings Data Transfer wizard and saved to an external hard drive. Uninstalled Incredimail then re-installed it. I ran the wizard again and the only folders I have now are Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items and Deleted Items.

    None of my subfolders have been transferred back and I have a lot of information saved in those folders. How can I get these back??




  10. Since a couple of weeks I have a problem with my e-mails being sent out. If I check the list “sent items” all messages seem to be sent out twice at the same time. Incredimail told me to renew my account and try several other tricks (I’ll post them below), but nothing works. Does somebody know how to solve this problem?

  11. Hello……….
    I installed Incredimail and liked it until I could not send email, could you please help me with the settings please

    Many thanks

  12. Hi there… I am a little confused with the two different versions of IncrediMail.

    I am currently using version 2.5 (Build ID: 6605328 Setup ID: 2 Pn: 163529777) but my subscription says I purchased IncrediMail Plus.

    My IncrediMail asks me if I want to upgrade to PLUS. Which I seemed to already have purchased…

    Am I running the wrong version of IncrediMail? Should I download and install the plus version? Is 6605328 the latest version of 2.5?

    If so, will the two version keep their compatibility… so I don’t lose anything?


  13. I have stopped using Incredimail due to the issues I am constantly having with installing this program.
    I had to reinstall windows 10 due to power surges from my hometown, I have not been able to reinstall incredimail onto my PC.
    prior to reinstall, I had saved my data onto another harddrive to access later, however, since i cannot get incredimail to open without errors and loading issues. I have stopped using this program, until you can allow incredimail to install correctly onto windows 10.
    this being the case, I cannot retrieve my data which includes ALL my emails from the past 3 years saved.
    I am currently using a Microsoft Mail server which is a default programme on windows 10. I need my ‘data’ from the previous months, which have been deleted off the server BUT saved on Incredimail. Please Help me retrieve this to download onto another ‘Email Server’ for future references.

  14. Hello There,
    I wonder if anyone can help me with this problem.
    I recently changed Internet providers, from Primus to Bigpond, and suddenly my Incredimail programme ( which I have used for 15 years or so) has started giving me the message ” Socket error 6001 port 587 specified file could not be decrypted”
    After much time spent trying to get it to work I downloaded Thunderbird, put all the necessary specs in and it works fine. With exactly the same specs, pop smtp, ports etc in Incredimail, it still gives me the same message.
    It’s very frustrating, and yes I have gone right through Incredimails Help pages, but in the end it just tells me to contact the Internet provider, who tells me that they can’t help because Incredimail is not one of their supported programmes.!!!
    I am running Windows 7 on a laptop, plenty of space on the disk, no funny games or rubbish downloaded, just mainly use it for work.
    Appreciate any suggestions.
    Arlen Redfern

  15. After weeks of problems with the email system, I finally noticed a fix was issued. We were advised to install 2.5. Before installation it stated not to worry, you won’t lose any of your information. Now I find all of my folders are gone. I saw one other post with the same problem but no response. After years of using IncrediMail successfully they are now a big disappointment. I could not find any way to contact customer service. Apparently you only get that help when you pay for the upgraded programs. If there isn’t a resolution to this problem, there isn’t any reason to continue using their program. I should have known better when I got a warning NOT to install the new program.

  16. Problem with sign in
    I can’t log in to my incredibmail, It’s cannot seem to load Incredimail. It asks for my user ID and password but it won’t accept the one I use of this account

  17. The IncrediMail Support Team would like to thank all users who sent their information and assisted us in correcting this issue.

    We have released an official update for these issues, and you can download the official release from the IncrediMail website.

  18. Hi there,

    We came across your site and wanted to see are you considering selling your domain and website?

    If you have considered it could you let us know by going for additional info on what we would like to buy. Blank Status Window in IncrediMail.

    We would just have a few questions to help us make a proper offer for your site, look forward to hearing!

    James Harrison

  19. My current Internet provider is shutting down and another is needed. I have a Yahoo account which can be accessed on a different browser but will not load into the IncrediMail browser. There is no problem to add the account into IncrediMail but there is always a message of login failure and to check the user name and password. I have done that numerous times with no success and have also removed and reinstalled the Yahoo account with no success. According to Yahoo, if the account is working in one browser and not another, the problem is with the second browser. Suggestions please. Thanks in advance for any help.

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