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How To Contact Incredimail Customer Service Number

Incredimail technical support phone number

If you are having trouble with IncrediMail. While this aging Windows email program offers lots of fun graphics and reportedly is compatible with the latest versions of Windows, issues do occur, particularly in the way it interacts with other programs and email servers. Maybe it won’t open a particular message or refuses to talk to your email account or prints in 56-point letters or crashes when you try to delete an email. Fortunately, IncrediMail offers several technical support options for both regular and Plus members.

Free Support Channels

If you use the free version of IncrediMail, you can get help with technical and other issues through the IncrediMail forums:

  1. For technical problems, visit the Technical Issues (crashes, error messages, etc.) IncrediMail Forum.
  2. For help with non-technical issues such as installation and configuration then pick the appropriate IncrediMail forum from the list.
  3. Click New Topic.
  4. If you are not logged in, do so. If this is your first time visiting the forums, click Register to create a username for posting on the forum.
  5. Fill up the form with as much detail as possible (excluding your email username and password, of course).
  6. Under Your IncrediMail Version, include the full version and build ID of your IncrediMail copy.
  7. Make sure the Subject is a concise summary of your issue; e.g., “Error 402 checking mail” or “IncrediMail crashes trying to create a backup.”
  8. Click Submit.

Posts from members of the IncrediMail support team or experienced forum members will be marked with Site Admin or Moderator. The posting name is typically IncrediAdmin or IncrediModerator.

IncrediMail Premium Support

To contact IncrediMail direct support if you are using IncrediMail Plus:

  1. Open IncrediMail.
  2. Select Help > VIP Support from the menu.
  3. If you cannot see the menu bar, click Menu in IncrediMail’s title bar.

For Instant Support Call @ 1-800-862-9240 Toll-Free

Incredimail Services

Incredimail Services Help Number
Incredimail Services

Incredimail is a web-based email program Full of extraordinary features is rich and convenient for all the environment. It is compatible with both personal and professional use. It helps to manage all the emails, messages, communications, contacts etc.

Services and Support we offer

If you are facing issues or want to solve a query such as

  • An issue with the registration code
  • An error of application crash on launch
  • Facing flash issue
  • An issue with Comcast account configuration
  • Compatible issue
  • Account log in and log out issue
  • Password change, reset, lost, forgotten, recover issue
  • Emails sending, opening, receiving issue
  • An issue with the email attachment
  • Incredimail issue with windows
  • Blank status window issue
  • Purchase, billing and refund issue
  • Premium subscription issue
  • An issue in setting and manage smart-notifier
  • Problem with an Incredimail voice recorder
  • An issue with back up file restore
  • Software installation. reinstallation, download and updating issue
  • Spam or junk folder issue
  • Incredimail app does open or work
  • Repair tool does not work
  • Problem with error message “operation incomplete”
  • Software crashing and freezing issue
  • Browser or connectivity issue
  • Account blocked or hacked issue
  • Account configuration issue
  • Email background, animation and photos issue
  • Troubleshooting issue
  • Unable to fix Incredimail error 550, 4320

Fixing the Protection Center Issue

Follow these simple steps to fix the issue

  • Open your “Incredimail”
  • Go to the “help” menu and “click” it
  • Click on “Licenses”  
  • Click on the “protection center code”
  • Select on “remove”
  • Now install the latest version of Incredimail
  • Again “click” on “help” and register your protection code again
  • Select on “enter registration code”  
  • Carefully enter your “registration code”
  • Go to main window and “select” on “protection center”  
  • Check your “spam blocker and link scanner” are green  
  • Select the “on” to block spam  
  • Select the “settings”  

Incredimail Customer Support  Incredimail Customer Support  

The team of technical supports are well qualified, certified and experienced to solve all the technical issues which you are facing in your daily life.

Incredimail Tray Application has Stopped Working

Incredimail Tray  Stop Working

Incredimail Tray: Crashing errors are no longer new for the users, the irritating conditions occur every so often, some certain technical procedures are not implemented properly. An update rolled out very recently to help the users for email services, window application has stopped working, starter application is not working, window 7 is not working, and host application is not working, crashing errors, password settings and configuration etc.

  • Install the updated version of Incredimail
  • Use registry files
  • Use safe mode
  • Clean up installation
  • Check and remove the virus

Solution of Incredimail Tray Application has Stopped Working

  •  Restart your window
  • Go to search menu and click on start
  • Press enter
  • Go to system configuration and select startup
  • Now disable all
  • Restart your computer
  • Please open Incredimail
  • Click start
  • Press enter
  • Click
  • Enable all

Reasons of Solution of Incredimail Tray Application has Stopped Working:

  • Server issue
  • Outdated version
  • Compatibility issue
  • Corrupted files and documents
  • Corrupted email folder

Never miss out any Incredimail updates of all the features and tools in your Incredimail email program. Don’t get frustrated with the technical errors after updates you can get rid of all the issues very instantly and calmly through our well-experienced technicians.

Fix IncrediMail Crashing Issues

Get Instant IncrediMail Support to Fix IncrediMail Crashing Issues

IncrediMail crashing errors are no longer a new thing for the users—they may come through such irritating conditions every so often, if some certain technical procedures are not implemented properly. An update has been rolled out very recently to help the users avail of even better email services. But it resulted in some problematic conditions. A number of IncrediMail users have reported IncrediMail problems, particularly the crashing errors.

IncrediMail updates have brought in several new features and tools to the email program, which you can avail to make the email communication more interactive. With all the incredible features and tools, the email program helps people to add a slew of fun-filled elements to their email messages.

After installing the updates, a number of people have experienced some irritating issues with the email program. Though it may appear to be challenging for some IncrediMail users, you can get rid of the technical problems in a real time with the help of IncrediMail support.

Some of the frequent errors after the updates are:

  • Not receiving emails by IncrediMail
  • IncrediMail won’t send emails
  • IncrediMail not opening
  • Problems with windows 10 in IncrediMail
  • IncrediMail not working properly

Apart from these common errors, some advanced issues may also happen to IncrediMail email program unexpectedly. But every issue happens with some certain error message or symptom. Which you can identify and report the same with the IncrediMail customer support professionals. The moment you come through any kind of technical errors. Due to the updates in your IncrediMail. You should IncrediMail technical support phone number. To fix IncrediMail issues in a real time.

Instead of the official IncrediMail professionals, there are some reliable independent professionals who can offer you the best solution to deal with each and every technical problem in a real time. You may take a look through the available services and see how you may avail of the technical services for an immediate IncrediMail crash fix.

Problems with IncrediMail are always fixable—provide that you have implement all the advance and real time IncrediMail tech support. You should immediately contact IncrediMail support to get rid of all the technical problems in a real time.

But above all, you should never miss out any IncrediMail updates. If you want to avail of all the features and tools in your IncrediMail email program. Don’t get afraid of the technical errors after updates—you can get rid of all the issues easily.